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DVLA help catching council thieves

09 December

An article in the Daily mail recently revealed that local district councils will be given the power to access the DVLA’s huge database in order to catch those damaging the environment. Those who may be found littering from their cars, fly tipping or creating noise pollution could be rooted out by their number plates from the DVLA database.

The new law was originally passed to allow for the identification of the owners of abandoned vehicles found, but has been recently used for catching those for the crimes mentioned above and many more. Members of the public can also note the registration numbers of vehicles they may have seen littering, speeding or fly tipping and report it to their local council office.

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A recent survey in Ireland found that 89% of people thought it was a good idea to have roll bars installed in every new car manufactured. With so many people being killed when their cars turn over, the question must be asked, is it a good idea to install all cars with roll bars.

The cost of such a move would be very expensive for every car manufacturer. Ireland itself would have very little to do with the move as there are no leading car makers in Ireland. However, even if the most basic of roll bars were installed in every new car manufactured through out the world surely if they even saved one life they would be worth the cost.

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Over the past few years Cherished number plates have been gaining popularity, as they become more and more affordable. You can search for your perfect number plates using the menu on the left. There is some difference between DVLA number plates and what we commonly call private number plates.

It's easy to enhance the look of a car by adding some personalised number plates to it. Once on your car, these cherished numbers will give you a feel-good factor about your car. There are many ways to get your personal number plates to look like a name or word.

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